Private Interactive Virtual VIP Wine Tasting Experience

Register to win our Private Interactive Virtual VIP Wine Tasting Experience live from an amazing Winery in Sonoma, California. 🍷
Due to the national pandemic, and with no end in sight for any real time face to face meetings at conferences in 2020 to catch up, I feel everyone could use a break for some fun. So let’s get creative with a unique PG Resolutions Group experience!

PG Resolutions Group has teamed up with an amazing winery in Sonoma County, California to bring a spectacular VIP virtual wine tasting experience right from the comfort of your home.
Space is limited per session, hosted live via zoom for this personalized private experience with the education and empowerment of wine.

Specialized, hand selected bottles of wine are included and shipped directly from the winery for the tasting, all courtesy of PG Resolutions Group.

Unfortunately, with all of my colleagues and clients we can’t invite everyone, but there will be a few sessions throughout the rest of 2020.
Register for a chance to win this limited unique private VIP virtual wine education experience by sending an email with the subject line titled:

Winners will be chosen at random and notified directly via email with further information.
Good Luck to everyone!

Cheers, 🍷

PG Resolutions Group