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Paul Gold, Founder & CEO

From 2004 through 2011, Paul Gold had a workers’ compensation claim on a dispute of permanency against a Fortune 100 company insurer. Unhappy with his counsel, Paul, a layperson with only a high school diploma,
represented himself Pro Se. During the adjudication process, Paul acquired a substantial knowledge-base within and beyond the workers’ compensation system, providing him with the tools necessary to orchestrate the amicable resolution of his own claim. Since this resolution, Paul has completed his BSBA Undergraduate Degree in under three years, and has moved on to pursue his Juris Doctorate Degree.

Paul’s time in law school, in conjunction with his in-depth knowledge, relentless drive, passion, and experience with the workers’ compensation system, has helped him to complete the puzzle that is his life’s mission… to accomplish the unthinkable, and help people along the way. Paul began to devote all his time to codifying and refining the most innovative and efficient method for settling workers’ compensation claims. A new process was born.

This process provides cost saving benefits, reduces risk exposure, and expedites the time frame for final resolution of claim for all parties involved, all while alleviating the backlog of claims in the adjudication process today.

PG Resolutions Group