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Claim Advocacy & Resolution

Claim Advocacy & Resolution 

Our company provides unique Claim Solutions.

Claim Advocacy Consulting Services 

One Day Settlements ” Patent Pending”

100% Contingency Agreements Available

Pay for Results, Not Promises!

Increases the client’s core profit potential on long term liabilities by limiting unnecessary litigation and the vast exposure on specific claims which would not have been reached prior.

Our Unique Approach

Opens the lines of communication and makes an instant connection with the injured worker.

The trust factor and unique bond that develops between our Founder/ team and each claimant is one that no adjuster, advocate, or counsel can emulate unless they have had direct experience navigating their own workers’ compensation claim prior.

Our Goal is to achieve satisfaction for the injured worker while mitigating  risk for the Employer, Carrier, and Third Party Administrators.

The Result

Our less adversarial approach directly improves your bottom line, while helping the claimant get on with their lives and out of the system.

The impact is a decrease in future claim and litigation costs which reduce the total cost of risk and administrative costs of claims which would not have been reached prior.

No Additional costs are incurred by our clients to begin with no changes to your current process. Shall we not find an amicable resolution for settlement of your claim referred, no charges will be incurred for our services. Our clients simply return to the same old process they have been utilizing with no downside.

We offer the most cost effective and innovative methods for settling claims! 

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