PG Resolutions Group
The Process

Solving the Problem

The specific implementation of our process at the very first insight on any existing claim of dispute, from Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) through Permanency, will help determine the case management strategy as no claim is identical. Upon thorough review, our consultants will provide recommendations for a cost effective resolution.

The Result

  • Reduces insurer’s expected losses for each claim.
  • ​Increases company’s core profit potential on long term liabilities by limiting the vast risk exposure on specific claims which would not have been reached prior.
  • Reduces physician costs for additional Independent Medical Exams and other over-utilized physician reports and services.
  • Reduces legal and administrative costs, which will have a direct cost benefit on each claim.

The Bottom Line

Our service removes the necessity for repeated physician reports and ongoing administrative and legal expenses, which will lead to better claim management by retaining valuable insurer resources while providing final resolution of claims. This will significantly reduce wasteful spending and directly improve the bottom line for our clients.​

PG Resolutions Group