Benefits of Unique Private Mediation vs. Public Mediation.

Public mediation must take place within 130 days of claim filing in Florida, yet carries a 70 day waiting period before the case may be heard. As many as 11 cases per day are scheduled with public mediators utilizing 45 minute sessions. The average public session cost is approximately $170 per session though multiple sessions are required. Time constraints placed by the system itself continue to hinder any forward progress obtained while the claimant awaits the next session. Discovery is usually never completed prior to the sessions and drag out the process while continuing the breakdown in communication with the claimant.

The $170 per session cost for public mediation in Florida is not an accurate picture. Administrative costs continue to rise as additional physician services/ IME’s and respondents counsel fees are incurred while attending multiple hearings for public mediation. All of these services continue contributing to rising administrative cost of claims. Private mediation only requires limited involvement with respondents counsel for the drafting of final settlement if not provided by Carrier or TPA and (jurisdiction dependent) to represent the Carrier’s or TPA’s interest in court only when approval is required authorizing final settlement by judicial hearing official or commission.

Utilizing an outside specialized service with a previous claimant to new claimant model creates a unique bond that can’t be matched by any other service in the nation. No one can understand what a current claimant is going through, unless they have been in their shoes. The trust factor that develops here is one that no adjuster, advocate, or counsel can emulate, unless they have had direct experience navigating their own workers’ compensation claim. Every team member performing these essential functions for unique private meditations for all our clients have been personally hand selected and trained by our Founder & CEO in our patent pending process.

Settlement may take place at any time, and certainly prior to a 70 day waiting period in Florida with the use of unique private mediation helping the claimant to move forward with their life. Being a past claimant, the less time the claimant spends within this broken system the better they will be.

One Day Settlement Meetings with unique private mediation schedule up to a maximum of three cases per day, per mediation consultant. We believe a bare minimum of two hours with a maximum total of four hours allotted per claim is required when working towards obtaining an amicable final resolution. Shall a case require additional time, our private mediators will stay and continue working diligently for resolution as time constraints should not interfere with this process. Public mediation schedules up to 11 cases per day with only 45 minute intervals increasing the outstanding time a claim is open and costs incurred per claim.

Unique Private Mediation offers the most cost effective custom tailored solutions on the market today. Our clients are given a variety of service options including a 100% Contingency based model. When selected, shall no amicable resolution with Official or Tentative official settlement be drafted or signed, (jurisdiction dependent) no fees are charged for our services. (See agreement for specific terms)

These past articles by Judge Langham in Florida support public mediation and believe more cases will be lost to private mediation in the future. Our unique approach and patent pending process can’t be matched by any other service in the nation.

Mediation Success and Adding Capacity

Judge Langham’s article on: Mediation Cost in Florida Is Value

In 2017 within the state of Florida, over 16,000 cases were closed utilizing public mediation.

Utilizing unique private mediation provides cost containment, mitigates all risk (dependent upon jurisdiction) with a full compromise and release for final closure of claim. Defense counsels utilize this tactic when case expenditures rise recommending to eliminate all future risk by mitigating unforeseen damages with offering to pay the claimant a premium for full and final compromise and release when appropriate.

Numerous factors must go into these calculations as each claim is unique to its own merits. Unique private mediation is a valuable resource tool for Carriers, Employers, TPA’s and Public Entities utilizing a less adversarial approach on newly opened or aged claims.

Written by:

Paul Gold

Founder & CEO

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