Reduce Total Cost of Risk, Close Claims within One Meeting, One Day Settlements, Cost Effective Resolution.

PG Resolutions Group is the only highly specialized private mediation group in the country exclusively focused  in Workers’ Compensation utilizing Private Mediation with one day settlements and a previous claimant to new claimant model. I began by devoting all my time codifying and refining this patent pending process to develop and implement the most innovative and efficient method for settling workers’ compensation claims.

Overview of the Process:

Utilizing an outside specialized service with a previous claimant to new claimant model creates a unique bond that can’t be matched by any other service. No one can understand what a current claimant is going through, unless they have been in their shoes. The trust factor that develops here is one that no adjuster, advocate, or counsel can emulate, unless they have had direct experience navigating their own workers’ compensation claim.

Every team member performing the essential functions for private mediation by our group for all our clients have been personally trained by myself. Prior to the start of each new private mediation session when I am not geographically available, a short personally prerecorded video message speaking directly to the claimant is played solidifying the trust factor. This begins to reassure the claimant that they are in good hands with our associate and for any reason during this meeting they can request to speak with me via video conference. There is no pressure placed on the claimant during this meeting as it is, their claim.

Solving the Problem

The specific implementation of our process at the very first insight on any existing claim of dispute or from Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) through Permanency, will help determine the case management strategy as no claim is identical. Upon thorough review, our consultants will provide recommendations to our clients for a cost effective resolution in just one meeting with claimants.

We a lot various amounts of time, up to five hours per claim dependent upon the amount of years the claim has been opened. Some claims can be resolved as early on as possible while others may be outstanding for years prior to the start.

Upon the PG Resolutions Group’s Settlement Consultant finding an amicable cost effective resolution for the claim, our client will be contacted during the meeting to provide their own settlement agreement and proceed immediately with settlement  therefore utilizing the clients own settlement language which most prefer in agreement of new terms reached for immediate compromise and release of the clients liability and claim resolution to be signed when in a jurisdiction where applicable. When not in a jurisdiction where applicable, the settlement agreement will be provided with the tentative terms of settlement to both parties (the client and claimant or claimants counsel when represented) from the client to move forward promptly with settlement, drafted by the client or clients counsel.

Shall a proposed tentative offer of settlement be reached within a jurisdiction that requires a judge of compensation or commission’s approval for disposition of claim, or when the claimant is not represented by counsel, the meeting will take place prior to the next earliest scheduled or potentially scheduled court date for the claimant by the client. The tentative settlement agreement when reached will be provided to both parties (the client and claimants counsel, or when the claimant is not represented by counsel, to the claimant, at the conclusion of the meeting, drafted by the client or the client’s choice of counsel for an official settlement to be signed and next presented to the commission or judge of compensation by the clients own designated representative for the official disposition of the claim when required.


The Result

Reduces insurer’s expected losses for each claim.

​Increases Company’s core profit potential on long term liabilities by limiting the vast exposure on specific claims which would not have been reached prior.

Reduces physician costs for additional Independent Medical Exams and other over-utilized physician reports and services.

Reduces legal and administrative costs, which will have a direct cost benefit on each claim.


The Bottom Line

Our service removes the necessity for repeated physician reports and ongoing administrative and legal expenses, which will lead to better claim management by retaining valuable insurer resources while providing final resolution of claims with full compromise and release when and where available. This will significantly reduce wasteful spending and directly improve the bottom line for our clients.​​​​​

We stand behind our services 100% by offering contingency based agreements with our one day settlement services. When elected by our clients, shall the claim not be resolved in one meeting with a resolution for official settlement, no fees will be incurred for our services.

Pay for results not promises!

Written By:

Paul Gold

Founder & CEO

PG Resolutions Group

Tel: 800-473-4450