Settlements, reducing administrative costs and the changing of times.

I hope this message finds everyone safe and well given the current world events. 

Remember, we are all in this together and although a difficult time now we will all survive and move forward as the world will continue but just a little more wiser and prepared in a post Coronavirus era. 

There is no better time to begin working on injured worker settlements daily. If your company has not begun to do so, you are already behind the eight ball. Who would of thought two months ago most jurisdictions would allow administrative law judges to conduct telephonic settlement conferences. Carriers, employers, and TPA’s want claims closed when the right opportunity arises though if you truly look at a claim in-depth , the opportunity for a cost effective settlement exists each day within each claim but now more then ever. Employers want to settle, claimants want to settle, so what continues to hold this up while administrative costs rise? Do you know what your hourly legal fees are up to now? It’s time to stop overspending and truly look at the total cost of risk per claim. 

Overloaded with claims ? We can help. Being a true strategic partner, our services have been in high demand even more so then before as we reduce time frames, administrative costs and all while mitigating risk for our clients. 

Don’t believe it can be done? We provide new clients the opportunity to experience our services with our 100% contingency agreements to pay for results, not promises. We stand behind our services 100%.  Shall we not be able to find an amicable resolution, no charges will be incurred for our services. 

We are a strategic partner for our clients with providing solutions. Feel free to reach out for additional information. 

Stay Safe!

Paul Gold

Founder & CEO 

PG Resolutions Group