TPA’s Performance, Oversight for The Best Risk Management Approach

Selecting the right Third Party Administrator is one of the most key elements for a cost effective successful approach reflecting on your brand and business model. In today’s ever changing world, do you believe your TPA embraces your companies mission statement while listening for your concerns?

Does your TPA provide added value with additional strategic oversight for an extension of your risk management team?

Have the adjusters within your TPA been trained recently with understanding the total cost of risk model and not relying on defense counsels as a crutch for each file?

When defense counsel is relied on for claim resolution only continues contributing to the increasing administrative costs and outstanding time claims are open. Stopping the breakdown in communication that transpires while a claim is open and ongoing is one key to a successful resolution.

This is all not the adjusters fault but rather the result of a complacent system over time. Risk and claims managers can benefit from a specialized independent resolutions firm providing additional oversight while working in conjunction with everyone for the same common goal resulting in final resolution of claims.

The Workers’ Compensation system has continued for decades with an Archaic approach on claims resolution. Adjusters have all been trained within this model for years and have not all embraced a claims advocacy approach for providing prompt resolutions while mitigating risk.

Having the right outsourced strategic partner provides a second set of eyes on all of your claim files with solutions for mitigating risk while being a true independent extension of your risk management team. Risk and Claim managers can’t be everywhere at once but having a specialized unique strategic partner understanding all moving parts of our industry will help close files promptly. No additional costs or changes to your business model will be incurred.

PG Resolutions Group provides added value at no additional cost for clients when our custom contingency agreement model is elected.

Pay For Results Not Promises!

Stop overpaying for claim resolutions with high legal fees, reduce your administrative costs today.

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