The Pandemic, Case Backlogs, Advocacy, and Strategic Partners for Economic Claim Resolutions.

Mitigate Risk and Help Claimants Now.

The global pandemic continues with uncertainty of what the rest of 2020 and future may hold with the health and economic impact moving forward. First and foremost, health is above all else and hope this message finds everyone well. As we await a vaccine, there have been many treatment options continuing to show promising results in some patients as we continue to learn more about this illness each day.

We all must continue to help and give our very best each day during these trying times as our industry is an essential function with the life of claimants depending on all of us who play a role within the workers’ compensation system.

The economic impact has taken a toll on everyone no matter what industry with many layoffs and or furloughs. There has never been a more pressing in our lives for companies within our industry to take this uncertainty and pave the way for positive change while reducing administrative costs, mitigating risk and clearing the backlog of claims by utilizing a unique advocacy approach helping the claimant move forward with their lives. A true win for all parties.

Stop overspending on unwarranted legal expenses, additional IME’s again and again with reducing your administrative costs today.

What defines a true strategic partner? To my belief, a partner/ vendor that puts the clients needs first and foremost for all parties and is never part of the problem and only the solution. Shall the partner not provide these solutions and results, no charges should be incurred by the client. Companies should pay for results and not promises as so many services today will always over promise and under deliver.

The time to address the backlog of claims is now with companies that seize this opportunity for claims resolutions will continue to flourish while embracing significant savings while helping all parties involved.

Most courts across the country have embraced and encouraged settlement opportunities via live teleconference hearings with claimants and counsels.

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Managing the Cost of Workers’ Compensation Claims Begins with The Approach!

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Paul Gold

Founder & CEO