COVID-19 Consequences, Adjuster Burnout and Claim Resolutions in 2020.

COVID-19 Consequences, Adjuster Burnout and Claim Resolutions in 2020.

This year has been the perfect storm of events for the world. The time is now to begin implementing specific strategies as we enter third quarter for claim resolutions.

The uncertainty of these tough economic times are fueling the fire for mass company layoffs and burnout within our industry. Claim examiners had enough files per desk prior to the pandemic yet now will only increase the backlog of claims moving forward. Self insured companies are now holding cash reserves close. The time is now to begin cleaning up all aging claims for delaying the inevitable will only drastically give rise to administrative costs including legal fees on those files with increasing the backlog of outstanding claims.

As this year continues to tick away, there is an amazing window of opportunity for resolving all claims including aged ones while mitigating future risk. Companies that seize this opportunity will make positive change within the industry and strategically improve their positions along with enhancing core competencies.

PG Resolutions Group will help close claims promptly, eliminate your case backlog, and help with adjuster burnout.
Utilizing our most innovative solutions for claims resolution in the industry today provides an advocacy approach by helping the claimant move forward with their life while reducing administrative costs and mitigating risk for our clients. A true benefit for all parties.

Our strategic partnerships are offered with special incentives during these times with absolutely no risk when utilizing our 100% contingency based pilot programs to begin.

Pay For Results, Not Promises !

Please feel free to contact us for additional information or a customized solutions pilot program for your company.

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Managing the cost of Workers’ Compensation Claims begins with the approach.

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